source for style: Cissy Wears + giveaway

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LSF is so excited to introduce you to a new children’s concept store for design centric parents and kids that rock!
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Cissy Wears is a children’s concept store aimed at design-centric parents who do not want to compromise on their taste because they have children. Predominantly focusing on children’s fashion, Cissy Wears stocks brands with an emphasis on quality, fuss-free design.

Based on little Cissy and her love of lilac and leopard print, their brands are not garish or cutesy. But they do love rabbits, deer, tigers,  horses, moustaches, cake and ice cream!

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The store also specializes in vintage children’s wear to appeal to those who want unique style, but also to cater for the more thrift-conscious local parent who enjoy the thrill of finding quality cool second hand clothes to suit their budget.

Cissy Wears is online with a fully operational e-commerce site fulfilling mail order on a national and international basis, with same day local delivery.

There is also a specialist children’s hairdresser operating from the store, with a super cool chair that will see your kids begging to have their hair cut!

Cissy Wears
Name: Nicola Eyre, Owner

Please tell us a bit about yourself: A tattooed, rocking mum of 2 from London who worked in the music industry for years in marketing – looking after bands, touring, doing photo shoots, artwork, video shoots, artwork, styling etc.

What inspired you to start  I said for years that I wanted to open a kids shop but it had to be in a certain spot. One day a “FOR RENT” sign was put up in the window. That was that.  3 months later I’d quit my job and was preparing to open. The website and the store go hand in hand, although the website tends to attract the more fashion focused buyers, whereas the store is more gift-oriented.

Where did the name come from?  It comes from my daughter, Cissy. Every day I used to text my best friend Sarah a picture of her outfit and the texts always started “Cissy wears” in a take off of magazine fashion spreads.

What do you look for in clothing/accessories companies when buying for the boutique?  It’s pretty simple. Would I dress my kids in it? If not, then I won’t have it in my store. I like a certain colour palette, and certain styles and I stick to it. For example, I don’t really like primary colours, and I hate cutesy, appliqué animal prints. I think the styles I pick reflect my background – it’s clothes for kids that rock (or parents that still do!).

What trends are you seeing for Spring 2013?  Bicycles. Everything seems to have bicycles on it!

What are some of your favorite brands and why?  Mini Rodini – I love their cool prints, and the quality of their clothes. They are the reason I got into kids fashion.  MarMarCopenhagen – I pretty much have one rule – leopard print with everything! And MarMar do the best leopard print, hands down. LUCKYBOYSUNDAY – everybody needs at least one piece of luckyboysunday in their life. The softest, most adorable things. I am totally in love. I bought my whole family luckyboysunday for christmas!

Any up and coming brands we should be on the look out for?  There’s some great new brands coming from the UK.  Beau Loves has been one of my biggest sellers this season.  I also love Indikidual – especially the fun banana print, and Poco Nido baby shoes are really cool.  I’m also hoping Collegien slipper socks will let me sell online soon. They are fabulous and I always get people ordering them via Instagram!

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What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children?  Do you find that most parents take the same stylistic approach with dressing their children as they do with themselves?  Don’t be afraid to put babies in black. Keep it simple. Mix your prints with quality basics. Pink is fine in moderation. Dress boys in leggings. Don’t go kids clothes shopping with men – they drain the joy out of it! Who cares if they don’t care what they look like or if they’ll grow out of it in a few months! ;)

GIVEAWAY: One pair of Pico Nido Baby Shoes

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little style of the day: just bones boardwear + giveaway

As the weather gets increasingly colder, do you daydream about sitting on a warm, tropical beach?  I know, we do and are thrilled to introduce you to a new “surf” brand for boys.

Just Bones Boardwear was launched in May 2011 by Jennifer Weisman who came up with the idea after noticing that most boardshorts for her sons in the marketplace were too big in the waist.

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Created for boys who are between sizes or “just bones” slim, these boardshorts offer a more comfortable and secure fit. They stop those embarrassing moments when boardwear can slide down without the proper fit. Made in waist sizes 21 through 27, Just Bones and their patent-pending adjustable waist promise a perfect fit. They have truly reinvented the boardshort!


GIVEAWAY: One pair of Just Bones Boardshorts in any style and size

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IT list: favorite stocking stuffers for baby, boys & girls

it list

Holiday Stocking Stuffers for your little ones.  See which personality fits them best.

The Rock Star


1. Preschool of Rock Everything Makes a Sound CD

2. Little Trendstar T-Shirt

3. Mini Rodini Temporary Tattoos

4. Musical Egg Shakers

5. Little Alouette Skull Teether

The Princess


1. Atsuyo et Akiko Crown Necklace

2. Oeuf Crown

3. Tutu du Monde Hair Clip

4. Piggy Paint in Glass Slippers

5. The Adventures of Sophie and the City

The Animal Lover


1. Gingiber Animal Number Flashcards

2. Schleich Animal Figurines

3. Land of Nod Animals Rattles

4. Dover’s Wild Animals Fun Kit

5. Oeuf Deer Mask

The Astronomer


1. Noe & Zoe Cloud and Stars Headband

2. Discovery Kids Hanging Planets and Stars

3. How to Catch A Star by Oliver Jeffers

4. Bobo Choses Star Socks

5. Pocket Telescope

The Foodie


1. Under the Nile Grapes Teether

2. Egmont Toys Mushroom Bank

3. Piccolini Hot Dog Pretzel Tee

4. DK Children’s Cookbook

5. The Curious Chef Utensils for Kids

GIVEAWAY: Preschool of Rock music package

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Winner will be announced December 14, 2012.

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little style of the day: holiday collection at the children’s place + giveaway

The Children’s Place has a wide selection of affordable holiday fashions for children- newborn to 14 years of age.  Whether it is for your holiday card, family photo or picture with Santa, The Children’s Place is your go-to resource this season for fun, on-trend wardrobe essentials.

Check out our holiday picks for baby, boys and girls and enter to win our giveaway (see below for details)

GIVEAWAY: $25 gift card to The Children’s Place

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little style of the day: oeuf fall/winter collection + giveaway

Since 2002, Oeuf (pronounced UH-F, means “egg” in French) has been known for its modern take on nursery furniture, its stylish range of handknit children’s clothes and accessories.  Oeuf founders & designers, Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan, are a French-American husband-and-wife team based in Brooklyn, NY.

Created for a new generation of design-conscious and environmentally-aware parents, it is the Oeuf mission is to make those multi-functional essentials practical and stylish, without compromising quality and safety.

The Oeuf Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection entitled “Keep It Surreal” delivers impeccably cut knits in a stylish neutral palette of greys, browns, creams and blues, accentuated with hearts, mittens, moustaches, eyeglasses, and more.  Their range of hand-knit animal-inspired accessories – bonnets with ears, masks, snouts, booties and tails are a child’s dress-up dream.  The entire line is full of whimsy and couldn’t be easier to wear!
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source for style: kindred

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Simone and Heike met serendipitously in New York City, both new mothers and both raised in villages in South Germany.

Simone lends kindred her minimalist, yet tender aesthetic.  She studied textiles and fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and the Winchester School of Art in England.  She has developed luxury goods collections in Paris, Milan and New York working for brands like Costume National, Loewe, Narciso Rodriguez and Vivienne Westwood.  She lives with her husband, her daughter and their two cats on the Bowery in NYC.

Heike informs kindred’s earth friendly approach of repurposing garments, drawing from her experiences working on different environmental protection projects in Germany.  She studied law and administration in South Germany. Before moving to New York she worked to reduce the effects of heavy metals from coal mining in the Black Forest while at the department of environmental protection in the city of Freiburg.  She presently lives in Greenwich Village with her husband, an NYU professor, and her daughter.

What is the story behind kindred?  kindred was sparked from their reminiscences about the simple beauty, preciousness and lasting quality of what they wore as children, and, as a reaction to the notions of ‘throw away’ culture.

Simone had received a parcel of clothes that she’d worn as a child, from her mother in Germany.  They were in nearly perfect condition, but had obviously been worn, as they appeared in many cherished family photos.  A beach dress from a trip to Spain, a polka dot dress worn in the Piazza San Marco in Venice and knit sweaters from family Christmas gatherings near Stuttgart were all prominent in photos of that era in her life.

As Simone now put these clothes on her own daughter, two things were clear.  Firstly, the fabric and quality was superb.  Secondly, there was something indescribably wonderful that she could share with both her daughter and her mother, as new memories were being built on already strong sentiment.

At the same time, Heike was experimenting with re-purposing garments to make ingenious outfits for her daughter.  Her gesture to be earth friendly and conscious of reuse naturally consumed her blouses, that were reworked into short pants or tops for her daughter.

The spark for kindred came when they combined the Simone’s silhouettes, details and aesthetics with Heike’s wonderful approach of re-purposing a family garment.  In kindred the result could be a new heirloom.

kindred is at the intersection of fashion design and environmental consciousness for children.

What does this brand stand for?  personal, one-of-a-kind clothing for infants and toddlers
handmade in New York
re-purposed and earth-friendly
inspired by the quality, aesthetic and silhouettes of traditional European children’s clothing
meant to be worn, cherished and preserved for the next generation

Where do you get your design inspiration?  Life with our families in and around New York.  The fun part is that inspiration can strike at a show at the Met Costume Institute, vintage shopping or collaborating with friends.  Our trips to Europe to visit family and friends, especially in South Germany also provide plenty of chances to go through Oma’s closet and local markets, finding inspiration from our childhood.

Who is the kindred customer?  Our customers are interested in beautifully detailed, handcrafted clothes for their children.  They believe in quality and the special idea of being able to re-purpose and pass along a favorite piece of clothing.

What are the average price ranges of ready-made and commissioned pieces? ready-made pieces: $60 – $225
custom-made pieces: starting at $175

Plans for the future?  We’re seeing where kindred takes us.  We’ve already been experimenting beyond clothes to accessories, dolls and other handcrafted things.  The response from our customers has been exciting and is leading towards some interesting collaborations.


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Winner will be announced July 6, 2012.

Little Style of the Day: Smiling Planet + Giveaway

Launched in 2007,  smiling planet is a  favorite of LSF.   With a message of peace, diversity, and respect for the environment, smiling planet makes art-inspired lifestyle products for all ages, with a line that includes plates, bowls, placemats, books, apparel, bedding and more.  Olivia Haviland combines her 150-year family history of making fine porcelain with her husband and co-founder Freddy Deane’s whimsical art and stories. Together, their products and designs respect the environment, and their designs make the earth safe and make people smile – because smiles are good for the planet, too.

All smiling planet products are manufactured in the USA with safe, sustainable, recycled, and/or organic materials.

And, The Smiling Planet Casa Collection is no exception from pillow covers, quilts, and sheets to baby sacks and bathrobes-  all made with super-soft 100% organic cotton and showcase their signature whimsical designs that celebrate the world and its diversity with the message that we are all connected and we need to cherish each other. LSF is absolutely in love with the elephant print but there’s so much to adore.  For all those in NYC, the collection (along with amazing dinnerware) is now available at ABC Carpet & Home.


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Smiling Planet can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

source for style: interview and giveaway with StarRM/StarRM Baby

Please tell us a bit about yourselves:  Ryan: I grew up outside Detroit, but I have lived mostly in Chicago for the last 18 years. I’m married to Jen and we have two kids that keep us on our toes. By day, I’m a Creative Director at an advertising agency. By night, I run my own design label, Star RM, which features various design projects, such as books, prints, t-shirts, maps and other less-easily categorized things. I’m inspired by the minutiae of maps, watches, skateboards, coastlines, flags, candy and wine labels.

Jen: I am a born & bred Chicagoan. Ryan is my husband and the creative side of StarRM. I guess you would call me the business-y one. I am an attorney but am currently focused on raising our 2 kids while promoting the StarRM brands. I strongly believe in Ryan’s talent so I’m lucky to be able to be at home with the kids during this vital time while promoting all things StarRM.

What is the story behind StarRM/ StarRM Baby: Ryan: I’ve always been into creating things, from books to blogs to maps and magazines. Star RM is the label that I created to formalize and market the best of those efforts. Once a good amount of baby and kid-related things started to materialize, Jen and I decided to bundle those items under their own label, Star RM Baby.

Jen:  Ryan has been a “creator” since day 1…drawing & writing, then producing newspapers in elementary school, etc. I stepped in shortly after we got married because I knew the world needed to know his work.  After we had our first child, Ava, and Ryan started to create more baby-centric things, it was a natural progression for me to also work on StarRM Baby.  As a result, StarRM Baby has the point of view of moms as well as dads. Our strengths work well together since we are the creative and business side.

What does the brand stand for?  Ryan: Curiosity. Creativity. Charm.

Who are you designing for? Ryan: Me. I like to work on things that I would wear, use, read, hang up, share, etc.

What do you find to be most inspiring? Ryan: Incredible originality in all forms. A Beatles melody. A Tina Fey twist of phrase. A Mark Gonzalez skateboard maneuver. A Lapo Elkann outfit.A Beard Papa cream puff. My daughter’s babbling in the morning.

How did “This is Your Book” come to be? Ryan: I made this book prior to the birth of my daughter in 2008. I wanted something lasting that would allow my wife and I to record all the fleeting information that was happening in the world during that momentous event for us both. I wanted to record basic information about our child, but I also wanted to remember many of the random facts that attempt to define that moment in time. Serious things like the number of democracies in the world and the value of the Federal Funds rate, and not so serious things like who was the world’s sexiest man and the price of a cup of coffee. It’s kind of like a time capsule for our kid, and I really look forward to reflecting back on these facts with my daughter when she’s older. I tried to find an existing book that offered to record this eclectic assortment of information, but none existed. And the children’s books that were out there certainly didn’t have the designed aesthetic that I was craving. In the end, I decided to make my own book.

Future plans?  Ryan: A design sabbatical would be nice.

Jen: Watch our “business babies” StarRM and StarRM baby grow along side our real babies, Ava & Gus.

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Winner will be announced May 4, 2012.

source for style: interview with co-owner of beyond adorable kids

Beyond Adorable was inspired by an unending quest to find quality yet trendy children’s apparel for newborns through 12 years old. They strive to put together an eclectic collection unique fashions not easily accessible in the mainstream marketplace

Name:  Michelle Domingo
Title:  Co-owner of Beyond Adorable Kids

What inspired you to start  Beyond Adorable Kids is a collaboration between me and my sister Vanessa who had worked on merchandising and retail management for over 10 years.  Our inspiration came from shopping.  After Madison was born, we were always looking for that unique and stylish outfit which is often elusive due to limited selection from nearby stores. We decided to open an online boutique to put together a collection and share our favorite finds.

What do you look for in clothing/accessories companies when buying for the boutique?  We look for style and quality that is within a reasonable price point, as well as,  basics that are easily mixed and matched.

What is your favorite brand and why?  We love the children’s label from the Philippines called googoo&gaga.  They specialize in art driven designs for newborns and toddlers.  You don’t often see that kind of detail in children’s clothing. When we first saw their collection, we fell in love with its uniqueness and  knew we wanted to bring them to the US.  Beyond Adorable was their first US distributor.

What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children? Do you find that most parents take the same stylistic approach with dressing their children as they do with themselves?  Most parents shopping for their kids incorporate their style and taste in clothing. Create an outfit that is playful. My daughter likes to mix and match colors. Each child is unique and so is their style.

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Winner will be announced March 29, 2012.


GooGoo & Gaga takes great care in creating one of a kind designs that are very art-driven. All prints are on limited edition runs.

Their products are made of 60% polyester and 40% cotton. The “all over” look of each piece is achieved by using sublimation printing technology. The nature of this printing technique creates a unique piece of art every time—no two are exactly alike

Not only is each product unique but this process also produces a super-soft piece of wearable art. No thick ink against your baby’s skin! The only drawback from wearing googoo&gaga is all the attention that your babies will surely get.