Little Style Finder is Here!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to announce the launch of Little Style Finder.

A bit about myself – My name is Ehrin Ziccardi and I began my career in advertising after completing my MBA in Marketing. Over the past several years, I have specialized in strategic branding and consumer insight work in fashion, beauty, retail and marketing to women, including moms. I have been extremely lucky to work from home since the birth of my daughter four years ago.

While I thoroughly enjoy what I do, nothing comes close to being a mom. Very few words can begin to express the joy, love and sheer beauty my daughter has brought to my life.  Having the support of a wonderful husband, family and friends, makes it even better.

Inspired by my own budding fashionista and new baby on the way, I decided to launch Little Style Finder for those style-savvy moms (and dads) interested in new shopping destinations, tips, trends, deals and the latest in fashion for your little ones.

LSF is hitting the streets and scouring the web to offer up stylish ideas on any budget –large or small. From runway to everyday, LSF is your go-to source for little style finds.

Check back for a daily dose of topics such as the LSF it list, source for style shopping guides, little style of the day, the scoop from industry experts, style steals, finds and more.

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