is modeling right for your child? an interview with patti fleischer, founder of generation model management

Generation Model Management was created with a specific vision by Patti Fleischer in 1984. That vision is reflected in the beautiful and unique models they represent. These children are a mirror of the multi-cultural world we live in. They can be seen in an endless amount of magazines, advertisements and catalogs throughout the world.
Their experienced team of passionate and caring agents are known for the tireless, honest and loyal service given to the long list of clients who book their models.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:  I’m a native new Yorker. My entire family was born in the same hospital in Brooklyn! The only dream I’ve ever had was to live in NYC (post college graduation) and have a career that was exciting, challenging and fulfilling. I’m living that dream.

What drew you to starting your own company?  Well, I worked for a huge full service children agency from 1981-84. I loved it. working w/kids was wonderful, and bc this was the 1980s, business was booming. There was no slow season.  ost of the business took place in NYC and I loved the people I worked with, the children, and the people who hired the children. After a while I became restless. I had my own ideas about the type of child I’d like to represent. One that reflected all ethnicities…a type of beauty that, at the time was not as popular as it is today…ethnically diverse to say the least; that’s what I loved.

What does the Generation brand stand for?  Inclusiveness…fun…diversity…..left of center… kids…cool parents…teamwork….never run of the mill…the unexpected!

Please discuss the industry in general and where you think it is headed in terms of child models.  Well, I hope the industry continues to thrive. There are so many companies that are coming out w/children’s lines and we love that. personally. Companies always need to sell their goods so personally I just hope that no matter what the medium, there will always be a need for beautiful children to model the clothing and toys etc that is needed to keep the economy thriving or at the very least help it along!

What do you find most rewarding about your job? Most difficult?  Best part…hands down are the kids. They’re wonderful. So real, so much fun. I can’t imagine representing people who are older. I’d make more money but it wouldn’t be half as rewarding. I truly love the children. they’re the best. and I hope in the slightest way, what we do has a positive impact and adds something to their lives. I would hate to imagine it any other way.

The worst part? There is a certain type of parent who is very demanding. Who thinks I work for them. I don’t. I work with them, to make sure they have a happy child in this business. There is another type of parent who is not yet in the business who naturally thinks their child is the most beautiful child on earth and firmly believes that the entire business will revolve around their child. It won’t. There are a lot of very very beautiful, well behaved, smart and charming children who have been in the business longer than their child. It’s an awakening, but it’s the truth. We love new children…we are always looking for wonderful new kids, but be humble…keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed.

 Best advice you can give to parents who want to get their children into the world of modeling?  Well, I gave a little bit of advice at the end of my answer to the last question. But to elaborate, don’t let this business define you or your child. Make it fun. Keep it in perspective. It’s up to you as a parent to make sure your child knows this isn’t the most important thing in their life. It only matters while you’re doing it. otherwise, be a kid and live your life. This is just another activity. Doesn’t mean you’re prettier or better than anyone. Might just mean you fit the dress better than anyone. Or you match up with the parents or the sibling that a client wants to cast in for the job. Or maybe your child is just so charming, funny, smart and simply engaging and the type of child people want to be around. That child will be booked over and over. Personality matters!

 There is much negativity surrounding the modeling industry- please discuss and let our readers know who positive of an experience this can be  It’s up to the parents to make this a positive experience. Make it fun. Don’t ever let your child fell rejected. Don’t ever let them think this means too much to you. So much is up to the parents. The people who work in this business are hard working, honest folks who love what they do. We are not trying to take advantage of your child or exploit them. It’s not Hollywood and no one’s going to be in a movie or a TV series too quickly, if ever.

We do find that we meet a lot of shy kids and honestly being in the business, most of the time, will bring them up to speed w/others. It’s really nice to see. It gives them confidence, but not in an overblown way. Boys in particular really grow beautifully from the experience. I bet that’s a surprise, but it’s so true. Most girls are naturals…they love to try on clothing, have their hair done and have a picture taken. Boys, not so much. But they love it!

Again…I can’t emphasize enough…a lot of this is up to the parents. We’re all at our desks being agents trying to make a living.

Anything else you would like to add that I can write about  I still love what I do! I love the kids, the parents and the clients who book our kids. I now represent children of children I used to represent. It’s quite something.

The most challenging aspect this for me  is that business is personal. It all means so much. It’s in my heart. And I can honestly say the same about everyone who works at Generation.



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