source for style: interview with co-owner of beyond adorable kids

Beyond Adorable was inspired by an unending quest to find quality yet trendy children’s apparel for newborns through 12 years old. They strive to put together an eclectic collection unique fashions not easily accessible in the mainstream marketplace

Name:  Michelle Domingo
Title:  Co-owner of Beyond Adorable Kids

What inspired you to start  Beyond Adorable Kids is a collaboration between me and my sister Vanessa who had worked on merchandising and retail management for over 10 years.  Our inspiration came from shopping.  After Madison was born, we were always looking for that unique and stylish outfit which is often elusive due to limited selection from nearby stores. We decided to open an online boutique to put together a collection and share our favorite finds.

What do you look for in clothing/accessories companies when buying for the boutique?  We look for style and quality that is within a reasonable price point, as well as,  basics that are easily mixed and matched.

What is your favorite brand and why?  We love the children’s label from the Philippines called googoo&gaga.  They specialize in art driven designs for newborns and toddlers.  You don’t often see that kind of detail in children’s clothing. When we first saw their collection, we fell in love with its uniqueness and  knew we wanted to bring them to the US.  Beyond Adorable was their first US distributor.

What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children? Do you find that most parents take the same stylistic approach with dressing their children as they do with themselves?  Most parents shopping for their kids incorporate their style and taste in clothing. Create an outfit that is playful. My daughter likes to mix and match colors. Each child is unique and so is their style.

“LIKE” us on Facebook and write a wall post “googoo & gaga giveaway”
“LIKE” Beyond Adorable on Facebook and write a wall post “googoo & gaga giveaway”

Winner will be announced March 29, 2012.


GooGoo & Gaga takes great care in creating one of a kind designs that are very art-driven. All prints are on limited edition runs.

Their products are made of 60% polyester and 40% cotton. The “all over” look of each piece is achieved by using sublimation printing technology. The nature of this printing technique creates a unique piece of art every time—no two are exactly alike

Not only is each product unique but this process also produces a super-soft piece of wearable art. No thick ink against your baby’s skin! The only drawback from wearing googoo&gaga is all the attention that your babies will surely get.

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