source for style: Louis B Boutique

Tired of boys clothes covered in cars, trucks and dinosaurs? Since having a baby boy, I have scoured the web in search of little boys fashions that met my style needs.

Little Style Finder is thrilled to introduce you to Louis B Boutique– THE online destination for boys featuring some of our favorite contemporary brands such as Little Trendstar, La Miniatura,Warrior Poet, Fore! Axel and Hudson, and more.

Louis B is stocked weekly with highly curated fashions that not only reflect the current trends but pieces that help define your child’s signature look ranging from rocker chic to mini prepster.

Don’t know where to begin? Check out their looks in the easy-to-navigate shop, browse the Louis B Tumblr chat with them on Facebook or Twitter, or just lurk for an instant fix of style inspiration.

Saw something on a celebrity’s child and looking for the same look? You can send  an email and they will be sure to try their best to find what you are looking for.

LSF readers use code LSF01 to receive FREE shipping and a tote with purchase over $65

Name: Simone Gittens

Title:  Founder & CEO, Louis B Boutique

Please tell us a bit about yourself: I always wanted to enter into the fashion industry and during my freshman year of college my best friends and I started Finishing Touches Accessories, which I still co-own. After finding out I was pregnant with my son, I saw a need for stylish clothing for boys and Launched Louis B.I love being my own boss also being a Buyer.
What inspired you to start I was Inspired to start Louis B after I found out I was pregnant with my son. I was so excited to start shopping for him but was quite shocked when I saw how the selection of boys was not only boring but limited. I remember getting in the car one day complaining to my husband and he told me to do something about it. From that moment, I began my research and dragged my husband with me to the showrooms to pick out brands.
What aesthetic does Louis B represent? Louis B represents the boy whose parents dresses him according to his personality.  It’s the moms who are tired of the market trends which consist of a toy cars, animals or sports. Sometimes I see boys wearing clothing that does not match their personality. Fashion is a great way to express who you are and the same rule should apply for kids, especially boys. We always see little girls in the cutest clothing, the tutu’s, the printed skirts, cute accessories and it matches their personality so well, but then when it comes to the boys, it’s a monster on the shirt, a toy car, the same plain khakis and if they are lucky a jean jacket.
Where did the name for your boutique come from?Louis B was my late grandfather’s name. So in honor of him this is where the name came from.
What do you look for in clothing/accessories companies when buying for the boutique? To be honest, I first look at if they are a parent to a boy, I look at what inspired them because that helps me to know how their collection was inspired and how other parents may be inspired to buy it. I love up and coming brands, their collections never disappoint me and they are always introducing new designs that are Amazing!
What trends are you seeing for Fall 2012? When it comes to independent brands like the ones we carry here at Louis B,  I think that each collection they introduce is redefining a current or old trend. They are not necessarily following any trends. One thing that I will say that I am seeing a lot of is color. Even though we are changing seasons and the colors get warmers, some of the collections are still incorporating vibrant colors. The colored denim trend is still in for boys and its such a hot trend that I feel some parents are afraid to try it. For instance, La Miniatura, is quite known for their colored denim and this Fall  he is introducing this Mustard Orange jeans that are out of this world!
What are some of your favorite brands and why? Some of my favorite brands are Fore!! Axel and Hudson and La Miniatura. They both give boys such a huge selection each collection they come out with and it’s exciting and fun. I love Fore!! Axel and Hudson because they offer smaller sizes starting at 3-6 months. My son was able to wear a couple of shirts from their Spring/Summer collection and received compliments all the time. Let’s not forget about their little fedoras that are truly adorable.  La Miniatura owner Jeff, never disappoints me. Each collection of his gets better and better.
Any  brands we should be on the look out for? Little TrendStar and Warrior Poet, They both represent something great and different when it comes to graphic tees. I am learning that because boys can be so active and visual they LOVE graphic tees and that great, but I hope to bring them Graphic tees they can not wait to wear, the one where they put on and say “Hey Mom, isn’t this shirt pretty cool! That’s what I love to hear!
What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children?  Do you find that most parents take the same stylistic approach with dressing their children as they do with themselves? My number one piece of advice to them is to allow the children to give their input. they only have so much room to be themselves and express themselves. As parents, we have the leverage to Encourage their personalities  and allow them to learn that Fashion is a way to express themselves.I think it truly depends on the parents, if the parents are fashion forward than in most cases their children are. If the parents are not than more than likely they become content not only with themselves when it comes to their wardrobe but also their children. I stress on this one particular matter because sometimes, parents can be so controlling on what a child wears that it makes children because self-conscious and insecure. This doesn’t mean we allow them to wear anything that want that does not agree with you, but this just means to let them be a little free.

1 thought on “source for style: Louis B Boutique

  1. Love Louis B Boutique and Soft Gallery for my boys. I saw that you mentioned Redfish Kids Clothing in your ABC list. They have amazing clothes for my god daughters but recently stumbled upon their boys clothes. I fell in love. My boys now live in them. They are made locally where I live and now have 2 stores for me to visit! Yeah! No longer do my boys (or should I say myself) have to suffer the daily horror of jeans with truck or dinosaur appliqués or tshirts that fall apart after 1 wash.I love that designers have finally realized that boys need good quality, long lasting, high style clothes too.

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