little style of the day: halloween costumes

As some of you may know, I have a 5 year old daughter and a 5 month old son.  I usually have Halloween costumes ordered by now (yes, i buy as soon as that Wishcraft by Chasing Fireflies catalogue lands in my mailbox). However, since the arrival of her new  brother, my daughter keeps changing her mind about what she “wants to be this year.”
Her most recent request being something that she and the baby can do together.  So I started shopping around and have found several ideas:

Flower & Bubble Bee

Mermaid & Lobster

Princess & The Frog

Dorothy & The Lion

Monster Girl & Baby Frankenstein

Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf

Black Widow & The Spider

Woodland Fairy & Her Gnome

BatGirl & Robin

Kimono Princess & Baby Sushi


2 thoughts on “little style of the day: halloween costumes

  1. This is so perfect! My daughter is also five yrs old and my son is 5 months. We also wanted to dress them up together, thank you so much for some great ideas. If you have any more ideas please let me know!

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