Hurricane Sandy Relief: Bowery Babes, The Action Center and

In the past few days the Bowery Babes- a moms group I am a proud member of- have been diligently putting together a campaign to help Sandy victims in Far Rockaway where there is still remarkable devastation and many families living in horrific circumstances. The Bowery Babes are working with “The Action Center”- one of the largest and most trusted community organizations serving one of New York City’s most isolated, distressed, and needy populations of 45,000 people- most of whom live at 200% below the poverty line.

Fellow moms will be going out there tomorrow to volunteer and help organize.
They have found a way to help The Action Center with the emergency supplies that are most urgently needed and have partnered with, sending them a wishlist from The Action Center detailing what they need to help the children and families in distress. As money is raised, will provide the needed items AT COST, that is, with no tax or profit to them, and deliver them for free to The Action Center.

Some supplies will be matched directly with a specific family, while others will be distributed to the mothers who are streaming in every day pleading for basic items like diapers and baby wipes.

Here is where you can help:
Please consider donating money towards this campaign to buy essentials from  The collected money will be used to place the orders with who will ship the needed products to The Action Center ASAP.

How to donate: there are two options for donating to this campaign by Monday, November 19th:
1. Using paypal, donate to (please type in “Sandy Relief MK” in the note section).
2. Using credit cards go to and search for Bowery Babes, then press the Donate Now button (please type in “Sandy Relief MK” in the Designate your Donation section).

Your donation will be tax deductible. Any contributions over $250 will receive an acknowledgement letter, but you can claim any donation amount as a deduction on your tax returns as both Bowery Babes and The Action Center are registered 501(c)(3) non-profits.

Since time is of the essence in delivering these much-needed essentials (medication for sick children, dry warm blankets and mattresses for those who are still living in wet homes), please donate soon.

Thank you for your support, concern, and trust.

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