little style of the day: laugh brand

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“You have to start somewhere to make a difference anywhere.”

We are pleased to introduce you to Laugh, a new designer children’s apparel brand that is as stylish as they are compassionate.  The vision for Laugh was inspired when one of their co-founders, Laura Wirgler, traveled to Southeast Asia and witnessed the effects of child trafficking and exploitation first hand. Returning home with a passion to help in a meaningful way, the dream of Laugh was born to give back to fight against this injustice. Therefore, they are giving 30% of all profits to fight child trafficking and exploitation.

Picture 14

Their clothes are designed to both capture the imagination and whimsical spirit of children, and help busy mom’s feel great about buying clothes that help kids globally.  We are particularly fond of the uber-soft tees and stretch denim.  Laugh fashions are priced affordably enough that customers never have to sacrifice great fashion to be a good citizen.

Learn more about the Laugh brand movement.

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