source for style: interview with nicole worth of little trendstar® and giveaway

Name: Nicole Worth

Title: Owner/ Designer

Company: Little Trendstar®

Please tell us a bit about yourself: I’m a graphic designer by “day.”  I own a web design firm called Formcode Design Group ( with my husband and have been running that for going on 12 years now. Graduating from art college in Detroit (College for Creative Studies) I have always loved graphic design and fashion. I knew I wanted to have my foot somewhere in those two industries, it was just a matter of what and when.  The web firm came first, which I enjoy tremendously and fashion came second in the form of children’s t-shirts.

Artistically, I have always been drawn to design that is bold and bright with a pop art or mid-century feel. I love clean lines and solid shapes and visuals that are more abstract and not heavily illustrated.  I try to make my designs for Little Trendstar® follow this same aesthetic.  Bold, clean, strong and just enough pop of color to really stand out.

What is the story behind Little Trend Star? I started Little Trendstar® shortly after the birth of my second son.  By then, I was so tired of the selection of t-shirts for boys.  I wanted to find graphic t-shirt’s that were more style-focused and not “animal, truck or sports” focused. I know those styles have their place, but I wanted my boys to dress differently than that. So this desire is what led me to start designing my own t-shirt’s. With Little Trendstar®, I am able to design graphic, modern t-shirts that I would love to see kids wear. And since I know from my sons that kids love attention and being in the spotlight, I try to create shirts that I like to call  “stage-worthy”.   Designs and graphics that are all about getting kids noticed since they are always on “stage”.

What does this brand stand for? Little Trendstar® stands for trendsetting, “hipster” apparel. T-shirts that make kids “style stars” and demand a second look.

Who is the Little Trend Star customer (who are you designing for?)  I like to say I am designing for the mini hipster. Kids, and parents of these kids, that enjoy a hip and edgier style.  They have a bit of rock and roll in them and love making fashion-forward statements with their clothes. They are also not afraid to stand out in the crowd and have fun with their style. I also always try to design a lot of my tees to be generational.  I want parents to enjoy the t-shirts as much as the kids and have them saying “I’d like to have that shirt in my size”.

What drew you to starting your own children’s line? Like I mentioned, really my two boys were the inspiration. But children’s clothing really is a great market.  You have the best demographic for your designs, and kids look great in everything.  Their spirit and personalities are so free and fun, that it adds another layer to the designs just by actions of the person wearing them.  I can really have fun with the design and be open to funky and creative graphics, cause I know the customer will make it stand out even more.

Where do you get your design inspiration? Everywhere really.  I love being inspired by retro rock apparel and clothes worn by iconic musicians of the past. Graphic design, street art, vintage shops- these places and things inspire my designs. Just revisiting my youth and objects or styles and patterns that made an impact on me can inspire a design.   It’s pretty limitless.



Little Trendstar® t-shirts and onesies are also produced with kids in mind! Each t-shirt and onesie is printed with non-toxic, water-based inks that contain no phthalates or PVC!  They are also 100% cotton, Made in the USA and sweatshop free!

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source for style: launch of chic online boutique Cosetta + giveaway

LSF is so lucky to have discovered Cosetta an amazing new online retailer catering to fashion-forward parents looking for uniquely designed and well-constructed children’s collections from all over the world.  They feature apparel and accessories for chic little girls ages 2-7.  These truly exclusive pieces are being introduced for the first time in the US through Cosetta.  LSF readers will receive 10% off your purchase with code: 10LSF.

As an added bonus, check out the Cosetta GIVEAWAY at the end of the Q&A session.

Please tell us a bit about yourself:  My name is Jiwon Gregory and I am the owner of Cosetta.  After obtaining B.B.A in Management Studies and B.S. in fashion merchandising, I have specialized in merchandise planning in both retail and wholesale since 2000 in NYC.

What inspired you to start  We are lucky as today’s parents to have so many brilliant designers and retailers that cater to all different tastes in children’s wear. However, I saw a niche in the market since my 6 years old daughter was born. Personally, I found it hard to avoid high price tags for chic and sophisticated styles I wanted, and those that I found affordable and stylish enough were missing in quality. That is why I am keeping our prices lower than they should really be, and it’s not because they cost less to source. I’m taking this approach because I’m thinking long-term. Hopefully, offering great value for the quality and style they find in our boutique will keep moms coming back to us. I also put major effort in introducing exclusive brands and pieces that are not widely available in the U.S., because I think all moms want their little ones to be unique.

Where did the name Cosetta come from?  Cosetta means little thing. I thought this was perfect name for a boutique that offers beautiful little things for little you.

What do you look for in clothing/accessories companies when buying for the boutique?   I look for contemporary designs with refined details and materials without compromising affordability and comfort.  I like chic and sophisticated styles that reflect my own sense of style, but with a twist that still says children’s clothes. You’ll find that most of our pieces are also machine washable for easy care.

What trends are you seeing for Spring/Summer 2012?  Modern romantic is how I’d describe it. I’ve seen some amazing pieces in softly hued pastels and creamy colors of partisan pastry that are just lovely.  Cotton knit dresses in clean, modern and feminine shapes will be major part of our collection for Spring/Summer 2012.

What are some of your favorite brands and why?  Alice Underground and Dominico because they really pay attention to little details to enhance both comfort and style. I’ve been watching them for quite few seasons now and they continue to amaze me. My daughter loves wearing their pieces, because they are not only comfortable, she is sure to get that special attention (“How adorable…Where did you get them? I want them in my size!”).

What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children?  I think parents know their own kids the best.  One thing I learned is no matter how cute it is, if your little one doesn’t feel comfortable in it at first try, that piece will never see the daylight again?

Do you find that most parents take the same stylistic approach with dressing their children as they do with themselves?  I do think parents tend to dress their little ones that reflect their own sense of style.  Well, at least I sure do. My daughter loves coming up with a “theme color” of the day and we collaborate in putting together her outfit.  I believe how we dress her now will be a major influence in establishing her own sense of style later on.

GIVEAWAY: Madison School Bag

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source for style: fashionably prepping for baby with @julsgarces

LSF was thrilled to speak with Julie Garces, the ever-stylish NYC event producer who is anxiously waiting for the arrival of baby…tweeting what she eats, loves, wears, and does.

When asked by Ehrin of Little Style Finder to be a guest blogger, I was thrilled. I had to go on a hiatus with my blog about a year ago and miss it so much! Sweetening the deal, was the request to create a post on my baby’s nursery and all the clothing I have splurged on while I wait for his arrival (arriving in mere weeks!) . Let’s just say, this is the most fun I’ve had since MAKING the baby haha!

As an event planner in NYC by day and executing events very precisely, I have what I like to refer to as my “creative-ADD” at home. I start so many projects and rarely have time to finish them so with the doctor giving me a due date, I pretty much had a deadline handed to me on a platter. Decorate Room and Buy clothes.

So, for the last 6 months my husband and I tackled a bedroom for baby and collected some of the coolest clothes on the market (so we like to think!)…. Side note: my husband, Gustavo,  is in the music business, grew up in Manhattan immersed in the culture of graffiti and has worked with some of the best bands … you’ll notice his influences in the nursery! Here are some our favorite elements of the room and stylish wears!

In the room:

  • Glider & Union Jack Pillow: Lullaby Rockers & ETSY
  • Stuffed Animals: Buy Buy Baby and we already named them! Bibbits (frog) & Alice Cooper (zebra)
  • Backstage Passes: All the concerts/ events produced by my husband
  • Framed art: Homemade by me (I sell them on ETSY, they are framed custom scenes from children’s books!)
  • Lamp: painted on wall by my husband
  • Mommy Blanket: Buy Buy Baby (softest thing in the room)
  • Carpet & Sheepskin Throw: Ikea (our dog Luna’s favorite spot in our loft these days.)
  • Black Paint: Chalkboard Finish (to make it easy for my husband to draw/ erase/ redraw on!)
In the wardrobe:
  • Lumber Jack Onesie: gifted (this is going to be his “coming home” outfit because I think it’s so stinkin’ cute!)
  • Lightening Bolt Sweater: Oeuf (purchased from this great store called Les Petits Chapelais in Soho)
  • T-shirt, Jodhpur Sweatpants, Deconstructed Vest: All Saints (like mother like son… his closet will be stocked with All Saints!)
  • Peace Sign Pants: Go Gently Baby (can’t wait to see these pants filled with a diapered bum!)

My sweet friends at Steele Canvas Baskets are offering a basket (same one seen in my baby’s nursery) as a giveaway.
Simply follow me on Twitter and tweet to me “i want a basket”! A random winner will be chosen this Friday, December 9th and the basket will be shipped to you next week – Just in time for the holidays!

source for style: interview with anna kim of minikin

Minikin offers fashion-forward, yet timeless pieces that are fun and easy to wear for children.  The boutique’s featured brands come from all over the world, many of which are being introduced for the first time in the U.S. exclusively through Minikin.

Each brand has been selected for its high quality and craftmanship, and they carefully handpick each piece to curate the collection.

For the reasons above, LSF is a huge fan of MInikin.  We spoke with Anna Kim and are so happy to share this interview with you.

As an added bonus, check out the Minikin accessories GIVEAWAY at the end of the Q&A session.

Please tell us a bit about yourself:  After years of experience in Fashion & Design, I was inspired to start something of my own and my love for kids fashion was naturally on the top of the list of things I wanted to pursue. Soon after, the idea of minikin was conceived and was born on June 2, 2011.

Honors: Hot dog eating champion, marathon runner, hiked through Mount Everest & Annapurna I, II, III.

What inspired you to start
Kids! I love how they have that whimsical, light-hearted energy within them-
it pairs so charmingly with the understated designs I particularly love.

Where did the name Minikin come from?  Minikin means a small, dainty creature, and I thought it was the perfect name for the shop and the little ones we get to dress.

What do you look for in clothing/accessories companies when buying for the boutique?  It’s initially love at first sight, then planned and curated with the
elements of practicality, quality, and story. Equal parts instinct with
careful consideration.

What trends are you seeing for Spring/Summer 2012?   I believe comfort should be at the forefront of any trend, because a kid’s spunk and free-spirit are what overrides any kind of trend or style.

What are some of your favorite brands and why?  Bobo Choses, Bene, Talc to name a few. These brands really put comfort at the forefront, yet they do not compromise in style.

Any up and coming brands we should be on the look out for?  Bobo Choses has been releasing some incredible collections and I’m beyond
excited to carry them starting next season! Also, SSOM, which we started
carrying this season ­ it’s Margiela meets Isabel Marant meets APC. LOVE!!

What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children?  Do you find that most parents take the same stylistic approach with dressing their children as they do with themselves?  This is a great question! I really do hope “shopping” and “dressing up” could be a collaborative effort between moms & kids. I have such fond
memories of playing dress-up with my mom and shopping together when I was
little. In my eyes, she was a style icon and I’d give my mom a lot of
credit for being a huge influence on building my aesthetics

GIVEAWAY: Ami Handmade Hairpin No. 3 (set of 2)

Classic, yet chic and easy to wear, these handmade hairpins will go with every seasons outfits.

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source for style: interview with nyc’s ‘little miss party’

LSF was lucky enough to interview Seri Kertzner, aka Little Miss Party.  Seri graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1999 with a degree in combined economics and business. After accepting a job at Kate Spade in 2001, she moved to New York City to begin her career in fashion. Seri spent 10 years involved in production and development at Kate Spade, Club Monaco and J. Crew. Over the last few recent years Seri has planned events for many friends, colleagues and acquaintances. But it was not until she took on the role of bride that she was inspired to start her own business. Little Miss Party understands her clients’ wishes and can easily integrate their vision with her expertise to create an event that is truly unique to each individual.

Please tell us a about yourself and your company  I am Canadian born, from Toronto. I moved to New York in January 2001 when I got a job with Kate Spade.  I started on the financial side in the fashion world and after one year moved over to production.  I later worked for Club Monaco and J.Crew over a total of 10 years in the biz.
Three weeks after I moved to NYC in 2001, I met my incredible husband through the one friend I had in this city.  We are now going on 11 years of being together…5 of which we’ve been married and living in the downtown area.
Little Miss Party is a boutique party planning company specializing in big events, small spaces.  Our concept is all about personalization, attention to details and catering to each of our client’s unique and specific needs.  We do as much as providing the food, dessert bar, drinks, music, décor and staffing to as little as consulting for your event. 

How did you come up with the name of your company?  I have to give my mother FULL credit for the name.  When I first had the idea to start the business I turned to my mom and sister and asked that they send me a list of names.  My mom had come back to me with a list of so many good options I actually had trouble choosing!  But Little Miss Party Planner was the best.  It fit me (because I happen to be a small little gal) and the concept behind my business, which is a focus on intimate parties.

What inspired you to start your business?  I got married in a very raw space in Toronto called the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery district back in 2007.  After planning the wedding on my own and taking total control over almost every decision, I thought…this is fun!  Maybe I should do this for a living!?  So I bought the domain name for my business and held onto it while working full-time in the fashion industry thinking I could start taking on small projects to start…and one day bring the company to life.  In 2009 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  I went back to J.Crew when my three-month mat leave was up and cried every day at my desk for two weeks straight.  Needless to say…I didn’t cope very well with leaving my little man and made the decision to leave my job and be with him.  Once he started preschool I decided, it’s time!  Let’s get this show on the road…and Little Miss Party officially launched in July 2011.

What makes your business unique?  Little Miss Party Planner goes above and beyond for our clients.  We take great pride in the creative details that we put forth in each of our events and make sure our clients feel stress free through the planning process and relaxed throughout the event so they can be a guest at their own party.  We also differ from our competition by giving back.  We often leave our clients with leftover food, flowers and/or favors. We give them the opportunity to donate leftovers to the Bowery Mission to help out others who are less fortunate and in need of a meal or in some cases like the example following, flowers for a wedding where they cannot afford any on their own.  Our client Carmen Nesbit inspired us to do so and we cannot thank her enough for this.  To read more on this beautiful story click here.


What is your company’s philosophy when working with parents to plan children’s events/parties?  Sit back and relax!  Being a full-time mom who is trying to grow a new business, I know what it’s like to have a LOT on your plate.  And for this LMP feels it’s most important to take care of ALL the work for you.  From kid friendly but creative food, exciting entertainment to fun and appropriate favors, we’ll take care of every detail so you can enjoy your children’s birthdays without lifting a finger.

What has been your most memorable event you and your team coordinated for?  Ooh…this is a tough one!  All of our events have been so special to us in a way.  We have done so many cool events that it’s just too hard to choose!  From an engagement party in East Hampton to an intimate wedding in a Soho loft to a first birthday party on a client’s roof deck on the upper east side…each event has been better than the next and we’re so thankful for the incredible client’s that we’ve had the privilege of working with thus far!

How do you find balancing being a mom and owning your own business? What is your biggest challenge?  Well my sister likes to tell me I’m not human…and she thinks I’m a robot.  HA!  I have an odd amount of energy and find that I’m able to pack a lot into a day to get it all done.  How do I do that?  I make a zillion lists to keep myself organized, I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and I sleep in as late as I can on a daily basis.  I was blessed with a son who sleeps like his mom and dad…and that is…like a log.  In all seriousness, the key is pacing yourself, making time for family first and then everything else seems to just fall into place.


What do you find mot rewarding about your line of work?  Turning special occasions for people into a dreamlike celebration.  Their appreciation for our hard work is priceless and makes us feel so good to see our clients happy and satisfied when all is said and done.  And of course – it’s incredibly rewarding to see my passion for party planning come to life.

Anything else you would like to share?  I’d like to just say that I am very blessed in love, family and friends.  I cannot thank everyone in my life enough for the love and support they have given to me.  I am also incredibly fortunate to have partnered with the most amazing person, Michelle.  She’s the best cohort a little miss party planner could ask for and I couldn’t be luckier to have met her several years ago at J.Crew.
And to everyone reading this article…Happy Holidays!  Have fun and be safe this upcoming winter.
Lots of Love, Seri

source for style: interview with stroller in the city’s brianne manz

Little Style Finder was lucky enough to sit down with Brianne Manz of the blog Stroller in the City; stylist for the popular Stella & Dot jewelry line and more importantly, a great friend. To see how this friendship began click here.

Please tell us a bit about yourself  Currently, I am a stay at home mom of two: Ryder (3yrs) and Siella (5 months). Before my kids I worked in the fashion industry for 10 years. I owned a showroom called Seamless Showroom which still resides in Soho.  I wound up selling it after my son was born in 2008. About a year later, I started a blog called Stroller in the City. I found this whole new world out there for little ones that I wanted to share with everyone because being a mom doesn’t mean you have to lose site of the cool stuff. You will find posts about places to shop, dine, things to do and more…all with your children! Still keeping up with the blog for two years, I decided to take on another venture (like my plate wasn’t full enough) and became a stylist for Stella & Dot.

What does Stella & Dot mean to you?  Stella & Dot is a jewelry line sold through home parties and via internet. I am able to stay home with my kids, work about 5 hours a week and make really great money! Anyone can do it and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something to do on the side. It gets me out of the house, dressed up and speaking to adults…I love it! Plus the jewelry is so gorgeous and fun, they practically sell themselves. We are in every major magazine at the moment.

Please discuss the Stella and Dot children’s jewelry capsule:  Stella & Dot also has a children’s capsule which is just adorable. I love it because it is super trendy adult pieces turned mini and at affordable prices. I am already collecting some of their pieces for my daughter Siella. They make excellent gifts and come packaged in round little tin gift boxes which makes the product even cuter.

What are your Top 3 pieces for children and what would you pair them with?
My top three faves in the children’s collection are:

1. Mini Charlotte necklace paired with a Zara Kids tunic and vest

2. Mini Soiree necklace paired with a Crewcuts by JCrew dress

3. Friendship bracelets paired with the Wovenplay dress

is modeling right for your child? an interview with patti fleischer, founder of generation model management

Generation Model Management was created with a specific vision by Patti Fleischer in 1984. That vision is reflected in the beautiful and unique models they represent. These children are a mirror of the multi-cultural world we live in. They can be seen in an endless amount of magazines, advertisements and catalogs throughout the world.
Their experienced team of passionate and caring agents are known for the tireless, honest and loyal service given to the long list of clients who book their models.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:  I’m a native new Yorker. My entire family was born in the same hospital in Brooklyn! The only dream I’ve ever had was to live in NYC (post college graduation) and have a career that was exciting, challenging and fulfilling. I’m living that dream.

What drew you to starting your own company?  Well, I worked for a huge full service children agency from 1981-84. I loved it. working w/kids was wonderful, and bc this was the 1980s, business was booming. There was no slow season.  ost of the business took place in NYC and I loved the people I worked with, the children, and the people who hired the children. After a while I became restless. I had my own ideas about the type of child I’d like to represent. One that reflected all ethnicities…a type of beauty that, at the time was not as popular as it is today…ethnically diverse to say the least; that’s what I loved.

What does the Generation brand stand for?  Inclusiveness…fun…diversity…..left of center… kids…cool parents…teamwork….never run of the mill…the unexpected!

Please discuss the industry in general and where you think it is headed in terms of child models.  Well, I hope the industry continues to thrive. There are so many companies that are coming out w/children’s lines and we love that. personally. Companies always need to sell their goods so personally I just hope that no matter what the medium, there will always be a need for beautiful children to model the clothing and toys etc that is needed to keep the economy thriving or at the very least help it along!

What do you find most rewarding about your job? Most difficult?  Best part…hands down are the kids. They’re wonderful. So real, so much fun. I can’t imagine representing people who are older. I’d make more money but it wouldn’t be half as rewarding. I truly love the children. they’re the best. and I hope in the slightest way, what we do has a positive impact and adds something to their lives. I would hate to imagine it any other way.

The worst part? There is a certain type of parent who is very demanding. Who thinks I work for them. I don’t. I work with them, to make sure they have a happy child in this business. There is another type of parent who is not yet in the business who naturally thinks their child is the most beautiful child on earth and firmly believes that the entire business will revolve around their child. It won’t. There are a lot of very very beautiful, well behaved, smart and charming children who have been in the business longer than their child. It’s an awakening, but it’s the truth. We love new children…we are always looking for wonderful new kids, but be humble…keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed.

 Best advice you can give to parents who want to get their children into the world of modeling?  Well, I gave a little bit of advice at the end of my answer to the last question. But to elaborate, don’t let this business define you or your child. Make it fun. Keep it in perspective. It’s up to you as a parent to make sure your child knows this isn’t the most important thing in their life. It only matters while you’re doing it. otherwise, be a kid and live your life. This is just another activity. Doesn’t mean you’re prettier or better than anyone. Might just mean you fit the dress better than anyone. Or you match up with the parents or the sibling that a client wants to cast in for the job. Or maybe your child is just so charming, funny, smart and simply engaging and the type of child people want to be around. That child will be booked over and over. Personality matters!

 There is much negativity surrounding the modeling industry- please discuss and let our readers know who positive of an experience this can be  It’s up to the parents to make this a positive experience. Make it fun. Don’t ever let your child fell rejected. Don’t ever let them think this means too much to you. So much is up to the parents. The people who work in this business are hard working, honest folks who love what they do. We are not trying to take advantage of your child or exploit them. It’s not Hollywood and no one’s going to be in a movie or a TV series too quickly, if ever.

We do find that we meet a lot of shy kids and honestly being in the business, most of the time, will bring them up to speed w/others. It’s really nice to see. It gives them confidence, but not in an overblown way. Boys in particular really grow beautifully from the experience. I bet that’s a surprise, but it’s so true. Most girls are naturals…they love to try on clothing, have their hair done and have a picture taken. Boys, not so much. But they love it!

Again…I can’t emphasize enough…a lot of this is up to the parents. We’re all at our desks being agents trying to make a living.

Anything else you would like to add that I can write about  I still love what I do! I love the kids, the parents and the clients who book our kids. I now represent children of children I used to represent. It’s quite something.

The most challenging aspect this for me  is that business is personal. It all means so much. It’s in my heart. And I can honestly say the same about everyone who works at Generation.