source for style: egg by susan lazar pop-up shop

The Egg by Susan Lazar pop-up at 124 Hudson is now open featuring clothes from newborn to 6 years old, accessories, bedding, and books, toys, and games (including a Jade’s Toy Box mini-store). The space is huge, so they’re are looking to create a hub, offering Mommy and Baby classes, storytelling time, coloring and reading areas for Mommies and Babies.

Open seven days a week.

Egg by Susan Lazar is at 124 Hudson (between Ericsson Place and N. Moore); 718-422-7811

About Egg by Susan Lazar

Egg hatched in 2003, when designer Susan Lazar decided to create a lifestyle brand designed around the needs of stylish mothers and children. In 2006, Susan and Adam Neumann partnered, and with their shared vision, have been building Egg ever since. With her emphasis on love and family, Lazar creates products that are modern and beautiful, highlighting the love between parent and child.

Egg Baby uses natural fabrics and clean, simple designs- with no frills or gimmicks in sight. The result is fashionable yet timeless baby clothes of the highest quality.

source for style: interview with co-owner of beyond adorable kids

Beyond Adorable was inspired by an unending quest to find quality yet trendy children’s apparel for newborns through 12 years old. They strive to put together an eclectic collection unique fashions not easily accessible in the mainstream marketplace

Name:  Michelle Domingo
Title:  Co-owner of Beyond Adorable Kids

What inspired you to start  Beyond Adorable Kids is a collaboration between me and my sister Vanessa who had worked on merchandising and retail management for over 10 years.  Our inspiration came from shopping.  After Madison was born, we were always looking for that unique and stylish outfit which is often elusive due to limited selection from nearby stores. We decided to open an online boutique to put together a collection and share our favorite finds.

What do you look for in clothing/accessories companies when buying for the boutique?  We look for style and quality that is within a reasonable price point, as well as,  basics that are easily mixed and matched.

What is your favorite brand and why?  We love the children’s label from the Philippines called googoo&gaga.  They specialize in art driven designs for newborns and toddlers.  You don’t often see that kind of detail in children’s clothing. When we first saw their collection, we fell in love with its uniqueness and  knew we wanted to bring them to the US.  Beyond Adorable was their first US distributor.

What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children? Do you find that most parents take the same stylistic approach with dressing their children as they do with themselves?  Most parents shopping for their kids incorporate their style and taste in clothing. Create an outfit that is playful. My daughter likes to mix and match colors. Each child is unique and so is their style.

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Winner will be announced March 29, 2012.


GooGoo & Gaga takes great care in creating one of a kind designs that are very art-driven. All prints are on limited edition runs.

Their products are made of 60% polyester and 40% cotton. The “all over” look of each piece is achieved by using sublimation printing technology. The nature of this printing technique creates a unique piece of art every time—no two are exactly alike

Not only is each product unique but this process also produces a super-soft piece of wearable art. No thick ink against your baby’s skin! The only drawback from wearing googoo&gaga is all the attention that your babies will surely get.

source for style: interview with tina burgos, co-owner of monkey and the bug

Name: Tina Burgos

Title: Co-Owner of Monkey And The Bug (a children’s clothing shop) and its sister store Stel’s (a men’s and women’s clothing shop)

Please tell us a bit about yourself:  I’m 39 years old, and my husband, Dave, and I have three-year old twin girls, Gemma and Riley. I have Filipino roots and my husband is of Lithuanian descent, so our family is an interesting blend of American, Asian and European cultures.  Originally from the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin I came to Boston for college and graduate school. After stints in corporate America, my husband and I made the decision to start our own clothing shop. Along with our friend, we launched Stel’s over 8 years ago.

What inspired you to start Monkey & The BugThe birth of my twin girls, Gemma and Riley, inspired the shop. I was on strict, hospitalized bed rest for 10 weeks during my pregnancy. I kept myself busy with books, mindless TV, and conducting online research for children’s clothing and gear. I had a very difficult time finding clothing that appealed to my aesthetic. So I decided to curate a selection that reflected my sense of style.

Where did the name Monkey & The Bug come from?  These are nicknames of my girls. Gemma is the monkey and Riley is the bug.

What do you look for in clothing/accessories companies when buying for the boutique?  Monkey and the Bug is a small, independent boutique located in a small, condensed city. So I look for vendors who not only have the same stylistic vision, but want to grow our partnership in a methodical and organic manner. The brands I represent are not found anywhere else in Boston. And if there is crossover with one or two other brands, Monkey and the Bug was typically the first to stock that collection.  Also, quality is of the utmost importance to me. If one is paying premium prices for clothing, the items need to stand the test of time.

What favorite trends are you seeing for Spring/Summer 2012?  Prints! But done in a more sophisticated way. This trend is definitely a take on the prints we are seeing from the women’s spring 2012 collections.

What are your favorite accessories for:  Girls: Feather headbands from Wovenplay  Boys: Scarves from ESP No. 1

And I must mention that for both boys and girls, my favorite shoe is the Clark’s Wallabee. Everyone in my household owns these. They are extremely comfortable and can take a beating.

What are some of your favorite brands and why?  Girls: My girls own several graphic tees from Atsuyo Et Akiko. These are hand screened in Brooklyn.  I love throwing these t-shirts over everything because it adds a little street edge to any outfit.
Boys: Nico Nico is always spot on Sue Tsai is a stylist and she has an amazing eye. She has designed a range of basics but with a very hip twist.
Any up and coming brands we should be on the look out for?  We are so excited to be introducing Mini Rodini to the shop. This spring collection just arrived and it looks amazing. The collection will be available online sometime next week.

What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children?  Do you find that most parents take the same stylistic approach with dressing their children as they do with themselves?  Have fun with dressing your kids! Particularly between the toddler and preschool years, kids can get away with wearing almost anything.

I think it’s inevitable that children will be influenced by the their parents’ wardrobe choices. But I think you should also give your kids leeway to develop their own sense of style. Clothing can really provide a wonderful creative outlet. Whether it’s playing dress up, getting artistic and working with colors of the fabrics, or simply practicing zipping and buttoning skills kids can benefit from being involved.

Check out Little Style Finder’s Favorites

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Winner will be announced March 15, 2012.

source for style: sly and tiny fleecy friend scarves

What is the story behind Sly And Tiny?  Sly+Tiny is a family business. I am running this business with heavy support from my husband (and light support from my children). When thinking of the name for our new business I felt like I wanted to acknowledge my family for their support. The name had to be fun, whimsical and easy to remember. One day when I was typing an email I made the same typo I always make … I signed off “Thanks, Sly & Tiny” rather than “Thanks, Aly & Tony”. I ran it by Tony, he laughed and approved and Sly+Tiny was born.

What does this brand stand for?  FUNction, whimsy and durability! I like well functioning things and I like whimsy. The fact that they are well-functioning scarves is great, but what I really love is that they go beyond just being an awesome scarf … they can be a little friend, a toy or even decor when hanging on a wall. It’s like having a little secret and when you take off the scarf, it is revealed. One mom told me that her son puts his down on the floor and pretends there is a shark swimming around his room. Another mom told me that her daughter sleeps with hers! I love that! How many other scarves on the market are fun??

Quality and durability are also very important, as well as Where and how they are made. I use the best quality Polartec Polarfleece fabric, made in Massachusetts, that is durable, easy to care for and long-lasting. The scarves themselves are produced in New York. Yeah local!!! 

What drew you to starting  Once both of my children were settled in at school I was ready to get back to work. I was kind of surprised actually that I was going to do the scarves. I’d had the idea about 3 years ago and made a few scarves for my family and friends. They were very well received and are amazingly still in use today. Children’s things often seem to have a pretty short shelf life. Well, a dad of one the recipients said at the time, “You should produce these and sell them.” I wasn’t ready to go back to work then and unknowingly stashed that comment somewhere in my brain. It came back to me one day and I knew I had to do it. The Sly+Tiny “Fleecy Friends” were ready to be born. I had to let them out into the world to play.

Where do you get your design inspiration?  Sometimes it feels like divine inspiration, it just comes out of me. The shark scarf happened that way. I had laid out a couple of yards of gray fleece that I was about to cut to make something else and suddenly, I saw a shark. It had to be created. That shark came to me, I wasn’t even looking for it. Inspiration can strike at other times too, like when I am walking around my NYC neighborhood, at the beach or on a hike outside the city. Hanging out with family and friends too. People are always excited to share their ideas.  I spent several years after college working in the travel industry and traveling the world. Those experiences color everything I think and do in my life. Look out for more styles next season with a worldly theme.

What about children’s brands in the marketplace do you admire and why?  I like that children’s brands are as varied as children. There are many kinds of personalities in the world and now I feel like children can dress to their personalities (as long as their parent let them!). The world of children’s fashion has definitely opened up in the past 10 years. Name the style  (preppy, classic, hipster, sporty, punk, pink and frilly) and you can find it for kids these days. There are some children with great style around here too! I sometimes think, “I would totally wear that outfit if it came in my size!”.  To me style is like an art form, a way of expressing oneself and having fun.

For you stylish LSF readers, Sly and Tiny is  offering a 10% discount on your purchase with code LSF10.

Sly and Tiny GIVEAWAY

Winner can choose any one Fleecy Friend scarf. VIsit for all options.

Enter to Win

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Winner will be announced February 22, 2012

source for style: what do you love?

Babesta, one of our favorite neighborhood boutiques in Tribeca is doing a special Valentine’s window and has requested LSF and it’s readers to be a part of it!

They are asking people to fill out hearts both in-store and online about “what you love.”   There have been some great answers so far – from the sweet and sentimental to the artistic & musical to pop culture icons.

LSF will be collecting responses between now and the 14th to see how it evolves! Please contribute some words of things that you love. Hopefully, we can help Babesta fill the entire storefront window.  Check back as we will post some pics of all responses.

source for style: interview with nicole worth of little trendstar® and giveaway

Name: Nicole Worth

Title: Owner/ Designer

Company: Little Trendstar®

Please tell us a bit about yourself: I’m a graphic designer by “day.”  I own a web design firm called Formcode Design Group ( with my husband and have been running that for going on 12 years now. Graduating from art college in Detroit (College for Creative Studies) I have always loved graphic design and fashion. I knew I wanted to have my foot somewhere in those two industries, it was just a matter of what and when.  The web firm came first, which I enjoy tremendously and fashion came second in the form of children’s t-shirts.

Artistically, I have always been drawn to design that is bold and bright with a pop art or mid-century feel. I love clean lines and solid shapes and visuals that are more abstract and not heavily illustrated.  I try to make my designs for Little Trendstar® follow this same aesthetic.  Bold, clean, strong and just enough pop of color to really stand out.

What is the story behind Little Trend Star? I started Little Trendstar® shortly after the birth of my second son.  By then, I was so tired of the selection of t-shirts for boys.  I wanted to find graphic t-shirt’s that were more style-focused and not “animal, truck or sports” focused. I know those styles have their place, but I wanted my boys to dress differently than that. So this desire is what led me to start designing my own t-shirt’s. With Little Trendstar®, I am able to design graphic, modern t-shirts that I would love to see kids wear. And since I know from my sons that kids love attention and being in the spotlight, I try to create shirts that I like to call  “stage-worthy”.   Designs and graphics that are all about getting kids noticed since they are always on “stage”.

What does this brand stand for? Little Trendstar® stands for trendsetting, “hipster” apparel. T-shirts that make kids “style stars” and demand a second look.

Who is the Little Trend Star customer (who are you designing for?)  I like to say I am designing for the mini hipster. Kids, and parents of these kids, that enjoy a hip and edgier style.  They have a bit of rock and roll in them and love making fashion-forward statements with their clothes. They are also not afraid to stand out in the crowd and have fun with their style. I also always try to design a lot of my tees to be generational.  I want parents to enjoy the t-shirts as much as the kids and have them saying “I’d like to have that shirt in my size”.

What drew you to starting your own children’s line? Like I mentioned, really my two boys were the inspiration. But children’s clothing really is a great market.  You have the best demographic for your designs, and kids look great in everything.  Their spirit and personalities are so free and fun, that it adds another layer to the designs just by actions of the person wearing them.  I can really have fun with the design and be open to funky and creative graphics, cause I know the customer will make it stand out even more.

Where do you get your design inspiration? Everywhere really.  I love being inspired by retro rock apparel and clothes worn by iconic musicians of the past. Graphic design, street art, vintage shops- these places and things inspire my designs. Just revisiting my youth and objects or styles and patterns that made an impact on me can inspire a design.   It’s pretty limitless.



Little Trendstar® t-shirts and onesies are also produced with kids in mind! Each t-shirt and onesie is printed with non-toxic, water-based inks that contain no phthalates or PVC!  They are also 100% cotton, Made in the USA and sweatshop free!

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Winner will be announced February 10, 2012.
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source for style: seeing green with lindsay meyer-harley, owner of darling clementine

The Darling that inspired Darling Clementine is owner Lindsay’s daughter Juliette, whose sweet stylish ways have led Lindsay all over searching for special, one of a kind items to fill up her little world. Lindsay has searched high and low to curate the inspired collection of children’s wares that is Darling Clementine. The shop consists of many brands found in her own Brooklyn backyard as well as hand picked items from around the world.

LSF is thrilled to introduce guest blogger,  Lindsay Meyer-Harley, owner of Darling Clementine.

When babies enter the picture many things have to get chucked (think glass coffee table, heirloom vases on low shelves and the friday night partying), one thing that often enters is a sense of responsibility. Both the parental kind as well as in an overall sense.

Wanting to protect our planet seems to come hand in hand with wanting to protect our children. Sometimes though we get torn between what is right and what we like. Well, I’m happy to say it’s never been easier to shop for your baby/toddler while being gentle to Mother Earth. I strive to stock Darling Clementine with my favorite finds from around the world all the while having the least impact on the world around us. I never compromise quality, chicness or personal taste when it comes to eco-picks.

The site is full of eco finds, here are some of my absolute favorites!

1. Go Gently Baby – Jersey Scarf: Stay cozy warm this Winter with an organic cotton scarf in the most delicious colors. Soft rose, stone or the perfect shade of olive green.

2. Egg Baby – Alpaca Mouse Hat: This darling hat comes to us from a local Brooklyn company. Gotta love local.

 3. Little Twig – Conditioning Detangler: This leave-in or wash out detangling conditioner is free of nasty chemicals and chock full of only the best ingredients. Safe for even the most sensitive of skin (and for Mamas too, this works great as a leave in!)

 4. 3 Green Moms – Lunchskins Sandwich Bag: Use (and reuse) this baby for all your sandwich and snack needs, can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher a gazillion times over.

5. Penguin Publishing – Stuck by Oliver Jeffers: Oliver Jeffers proves again in his latest children’s book offering to capture our hearts with Stuck. All Oliver Jeffers books on the site are signed!

For you lovely LSF readers I’m offering a 15% discount on each and every one of my picks with code LOVELSF through February 14th, 2012, as well as an amazing Go Gently Baby giveaway!

Go Gently Baby Baby Set (in Stone or Rose) GIVEAWAY

Sweet, simple style with a little edge, Go Gently Baby creates stylish, earth friendly apparel for children and shares the vision: Teach your children to Love others, Be kind to the earth and to Go Gently on their journey through life.

Super soft organic cotton top and pants set features a long sleeve top with stripes on sleeve and matching striped leggings. Available in sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months or 6-12 months.

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