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What is the story behind Sly And Tiny?  Sly+Tiny is a family business. I am running this business with heavy support from my husband (and light support from my children). When thinking of the name for our new business I felt like I wanted to acknowledge my family for their support. The name had to be fun, whimsical and easy to remember. One day when I was typing an email I made the same typo I always make … I signed off “Thanks, Sly & Tiny” rather than “Thanks, Aly & Tony”. I ran it by Tony, he laughed and approved and Sly+Tiny was born.

What does this brand stand for?  FUNction, whimsy and durability! I like well functioning things and I like whimsy. The fact that they are well-functioning scarves is great, but what I really love is that they go beyond just being an awesome scarf … they can be a little friend, a toy or even decor when hanging on a wall. It’s like having a little secret and when you take off the scarf, it is revealed. One mom told me that her son puts his down on the floor and pretends there is a shark swimming around his room. Another mom told me that her daughter sleeps with hers! I love that! How many other scarves on the market are fun??

Quality and durability are also very important, as well as Where and how they are made. I use the best quality Polartec Polarfleece fabric, made in Massachusetts, that is durable, easy to care for and long-lasting. The scarves themselves are produced in New York. Yeah local!!! 

What drew you to starting  Once both of my children were settled in at school I was ready to get back to work. I was kind of surprised actually that I was going to do the scarves. I’d had the idea about 3 years ago and made a few scarves for my family and friends. They were very well received and are amazingly still in use today. Children’s things often seem to have a pretty short shelf life. Well, a dad of one the recipients said at the time, “You should produce these and sell them.” I wasn’t ready to go back to work then and unknowingly stashed that comment somewhere in my brain. It came back to me one day and I knew I had to do it. The Sly+Tiny “Fleecy Friends” were ready to be born. I had to let them out into the world to play.

Where do you get your design inspiration?  Sometimes it feels like divine inspiration, it just comes out of me. The shark scarf happened that way. I had laid out a couple of yards of gray fleece that I was about to cut to make something else and suddenly, I saw a shark. It had to be created. That shark came to me, I wasn’t even looking for it. Inspiration can strike at other times too, like when I am walking around my NYC neighborhood, at the beach or on a hike outside the city. Hanging out with family and friends too. People are always excited to share their ideas.  I spent several years after college working in the travel industry and traveling the world. Those experiences color everything I think and do in my life. Look out for more styles next season with a worldly theme.

What about children’s brands in the marketplace do you admire and why?  I like that children’s brands are as varied as children. There are many kinds of personalities in the world and now I feel like children can dress to their personalities (as long as their parent let them!). The world of children’s fashion has definitely opened up in the past 10 years. Name the style  (preppy, classic, hipster, sporty, punk, pink and frilly) and you can find it for kids these days. There are some children with great style around here too! I sometimes think, “I would totally wear that outfit if it came in my size!”.  To me style is like an art form, a way of expressing oneself and having fun.

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